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The Right Products at the Right Time

At RHI, we believe in building strong relationships with clients as well as our manufacturers. This enables us to connect you with the right people, products, and services at the right time. We leverage this relationship with manufacturers to help you find the most reliable, affordable, and effective rack products and applications.

:: Pallet Rack

Konstant offers the most damage-resistant pallet rack in the industry. Speedrack, Rack Builders, and Unarco offer a full range of durable and affordable pallet rack options.


Pallet Runner™ storage systems by Konstant


Selective — Two-deep reach


Drive-in — Drive-through


Push back — Roll back


Pallet flow — Carton flow


Cantilever — Deck, Arm


High-rise — Rack buildings


Cant Leg — Impact bases


Tear Drop — Keyhole match-up

:: Environmental Separation

TMI has a full line of strip doors, air doors, soft wall enclosures, industrial curtains, and screens.


PVC Strip Doors


Air Curtains

:: Order Selection

Unarco has a long history as the leader in order selection. Creative Storage Systems continues to innovate pallet and carton flow systems.


Light Directed Picking

:: Wire Mesh

Nashville Wire is a national leader in welded wire mesh. J&L Wire is a Midwest source for high quality wire mesh rack decks.


Welded wire rack deck


Deck dividers & partitions


Wire mesh containers


Woven wire enclosures

:: Modular Storage Components

RHI can help you mix-and-match the right components for maximum modularity.


Drawers & cabinets


Bin, open, & wire shelving


Plastic, fiberglass, containers

:: Pallet Jacks and Skid Lifts

Presto Lifts offers more than 500 different models of manual and motorized lifts, tables and tilters.

:: Carton Flow

Refined wheel and brake technologies highlight Creative Storage Systems carton flow systems. Unarco offers efficient gravity flow systems and heavy duty wheel track options. Unex excels in roller style carton flow.


Bed style


Roller style


Track style

:: Pallet Flow

Creative Storage Systems is a leader in innovative gravity flow pallet storage systems.


GMA pallets


Custom design

:: Metro® Material Handling Systems

RHI offers a wide range of Metro products.


Shelving & Carts


Storage Systems


Transport Systems

:: Special Orders

For items not listed, hard-to-find items, or custom applications, please contact RHI. We'll help you find what you need.

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