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About RHI

Reliable Products & Quality Service for Over 50 Years

Resource Handling, Inc. (RHI) offers a wide range of material handling solutions, especially applications in pallet rack and associated products and services. In addition to a broad selection of standard rack options, RHI specializes in designing custom  solutions for tricky or unique spaces. With emphasis on optimized cube utilization, we'll provide the best price-to-value options appropriate for your project.


RHI delivers long-life storage products supported by dependable, knowledgeable service. With over 80 years combined experience in the industry, RHI knows how to connect you with the right products and services to get the job done.

:: History

  • Originally founded in 1956 as the Burry-Lind Company

  • Became Bill Lind Company in 1976

  • Became Resource Handling, Inc. in 1988

:: Background

The roots of RHI date back to the early era of the modern material handling industry. This long history has given RHI great understanding of what has remained constant and what has changed in the art of efficiently moving product into and through a wherehouse. Lead by an expert core of professionals, RHI knows the material handling industry with a depth unsurpassed in the modern market.


As a full service liaison between clients and distributors for pallet rack products and services, RHI focuses on building long-lasting relationships. In fact, RHI still works with many of the same businesses the Burry-Lind Company established relationships with in 1956.


RHI achieves these strong relationships by keeping the business approachable and friendly, sharing their deep knowledge of the material handling industry as an asset to improve customer operations. With nearly 80% of their contracts coming from local customers, RHI knows that businesses close to home remain loyal because of this personal approach.

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